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The elobau foundation is a cooperative, supportive, accompanying and individually active institution and civil society partner.
Our guiding principle

Ongoing projects and sponsorships

Plant-for-the-Planet Academy

The goal of the Plant-for-the-Planet Academy is to turn children into climate ambassadors


The Hans-Multscher High School in Leutkirch becomes an educational model school

Bees - flowering areas - biodiversity

Model project with different dimensions in the Leutkirch region

Motivation-development-tolerance - Student lectures by Felix Brunner

The elobau foundation supports schools in featuring extraordinary lectures by someone very special

Education partnership Sauterleute Art School

The Sauterleute Art School is a creative and integrative place of learning. The foundation supports conceptual and infrastructural further development

Farm-Food-Climate - Challenge

The innovation platform for agriculture and food. An initiative to promote and support initiatives and projects


The first Leutkirch sustainability camp for children from 6-12 years

Our heritage - a documentary film

Marc Uhlig's film accompanies a farmer during one year and asks questions about sustainable agriculture.

Serlo Education

The non-profit organization Serlo Education develops and operates serlo.org, a free learning platform for mathematics and many other subjects.

Bees and education - Aurelia Foundation

"Inspiration Bee": Asking small and big questions with bees. The book will be published in autumn 2019.

Project Generation Together

Platform for common activities and experiences

Blooming county

The county-wide flowering campaign 2019 after the local start in Leutkirch in 2018

Project enriched grassland

A project for biodiversity in agriculture

Learning factory 4.0

Mastering digital challenges in the world of work with targeted preparation at vocational school

Reading for migrant children at the Gemeinschaftsschule Leutkirch

High school students support migrant children reading in the afternoon

Energie-House - Grammar School Isny

a climate protection school project, which is mainly designed, planned and carried out by pupils.

Completed projects and sponsorships

Photo project "Home - habitat/happiness"

A joint project of two classes of the Geschwister Scholl school Leutkirch

elobau - Easter 2017 employee charity drive

Traditional Easter charity drive at elobau with active participation of refugees for the first time

International picnic on 5 July 2017

Held under the motto "Come-Taste-Discover", many participants contributed to the large international buffet.

Themed days "Escape" at the Otl-Aicher secondary school

At the end of the school year, the Otl-Aicher secondary school organised and implemented the first themed days "Escape". The objective was to get in touch with others and talk about the social aspects of "Escape”.

Sustainability BarCamp at Karlshochschule

BarCamp on the topic of sustainability and digitization on 20 May 2017

Project Werkbank

Skill evaluation of handicraft in various industries for refugees through the production of commercially viable products.

Clip Contest Leutkirch 2017

Clip Contest 2017: typical German - typical Leutkirch - typical homeland Perspectives in 100 seconds, portrayed on film

Clip-Contest 2018

The Clip-Contest went into the second round 2018: Theme: typical people, typical life, typical misunderstanding

Civil campaign Leutkirch Is Blooming 2018

A hands-on campaign for all those who want to add a little colour to their gardens while actively contributing to conservation.

JobKraftwerk - The web portal for refugees

Alliance project: JobKraftwerk as computer platform for the integration of refugees in the labour market

BigBand - Project

140 pupils prepared a rock concert in one week without any previous knowledge in playing instruments

Mobile Painting Room

Since December 2016, the "Mobile Painting Room", developed by the Pfullendorf Art School, has been a decentralized, on-site refugee project.

International Picnic Summer 2018

The picnic took place at the Stadtweiher Leutkirch in 2018

Foundation for integration, education and sustainability


The elobau foundation is a non-profit endowment trust. Its foundation capital is the shares of the elobau Group in Leutkirch. Founder Michael Hetzer has provisioned these to the foundation for two reasons: on the one hand, this ensures the company’s long-term independence, thus guaranteeing continuity and autonomy. Secondly, this structuring of the foundation offers an opportunity to work actively in the non-profit sector and thus further strengthen the great sense of social responsibility that has always been lived in the company.

Our vision and mission statement

The elobau foundation is a cooperative, supportive, accompanying and individually active institution and civil society partner. With the firm conviction that social change usually originates from individual initiatives but can generally only be implemented in partnership-based cooperation, the elobau foundation sees itself as an instigator, facilitator and initiator of innovative solution models to constantly changing social challenges. Supported and internal projects include the fields of education, environmental protection and integration. Emphasis is placed on results and efficacy in achieving the goals set. These are also achieved through cooperation with other foundations, non-profit organizations and other non-profit institutions.

On the one hand, the foundation was established in order to sustainably and autonomously preserve our company. And secondly, with the foundation’s core aspects of education, environmental protection and integration, I deliberately chose charitable topics that are dear to my heart.
Inhaber Michael Hetzer

Michael Hetzer

Founder & Executive Director elobau GmbH & Co. KG


Board of Directors

Peter Aulmann


Bettina Baron


Prof. Dr. André Reichel

Member of the Board

Adress and Contact

Zeppelinstr. 44 | D-88299 Leutkirch | Germany

Phone:+49 (0)7561 970-777


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