Leutkirch is blooming 2018

In 2018, the elobau Foundation initiated a large-scale citizens’ campaign for the first time and implemented it in close cooperation with the City of Leutkirch and the Leutkircher Environmental Circle.

Under the patronage of Mayor Hans-Jörg Henle, the aim was to encourage residents of the city and the region to create flowering areas in their gardens. Everybody was able to subscribe via the website created especially for this project: www.leutkirch-blueht-auf.de . In addition to seeds, planting tips and other useful background information were provided via newsletters and accompanying events.

A total of 370 households in Leutkirch and the surrounding area took part in the campaign. Seeds for an area of just over one hectare were distributed. A survey (see results below) showed a very high level of satisfaction with the measure. Example pictures can be found on the campaign homepage in the gallery.

The flowering campaign according to the Leutkircher model will be extended to the entire district of Ravensburg next year in cooperation with the public administration.

Kickoff_VA_Leutkirch Is Blooming