Clip-Contest 2018

In 2018, all amateur filmmakers were called upon for a second time to approach a new question with moving images. “Typical Man – Typical Life – Typical Misunderstanding” was the task, which again left a lot of room for creativity and interpretation.
Social aspects such as living together, diversity and similarities were just as much the basis of the short clips, which were again limited to 100 seconds, as ecological aspects. In order to direct the focus to environmental issues, there was a separate award category for this focus.

The winners:

– Overall winner: „Quell des Lebens“ from Cenk Yagkan
– Category Creativity: „Total Control“from Luisa Schmidt und Ion Wunderle
– Category Technical implementation: „Carpe Diem“from Andreas Schroen, Moritz Moosmayer und Jan Christmann
– Category sustainability: „Der Apfelvergleich“ from Anna Häberle, Vanessa Berger und Nicole Meisterburg
– Audience Award: „Ein ganz normaler Abend“from Tobias Gronmaier und Emma Wessely