Under the motto “Typical German – Typical Leutkirch – Typical Homeland“, the elobau foundation initiated  a film contest in the Leutkirch region in cooperation with the youth centre. The participants  were asked to produce a film of up to 100 seconds about their visions and ideas. The creative implementation was completely up to the participants: whether cell phone, real film camera or illustrative in the form of an animation/comic. The topic was deliberately kept very general and intended to encourage people to transform their own thoughts into moving images in humorous or even thoughtful and observational form. People of international origin were also  explicitly called upon to share their perspective. 46 clips were submitted, and on 9 November 2017 the prizes were presented to the winners during the Clip Award Night. | Prices The first prize winner was awarded 1,000 euros. Three further  prizes worth 500 euros each were awarded for the categories: “Most creative idea”, “Best technical implementation” and “Most interesting international perspective”. In addition,  40  participation prizes of 50 euros each were awarded to submissions that discernibly dealt with the issue and implemented it accordingly. More under  Clip Contest 2017 Initiator: in cooperation with:  Partner: