GemeinschaftLernen - Platform for the future of Leutkirch

GemeinschaftLernen was  launched to coordinate the many ideas for forums and events for meetings between citizens and refugees and to act as a platform for all interested participants as well as putting those who are curious in touch with their counterparts. At the heart of the activities is learning from and about each other as well as undertaking projects and making new experiences together. The platform is intended to contribute to integrating refugees into society and the job market. The project ideas include the following subject areas:

Knowledge and sharing Homeland and origin Art and culture Work and occupation



Ongoing initiatives & projects

Prior activities

Photo project "Home - habitat/happiness"

A joint project of two classes of the Geschwister Scholl school Leutkirch

Funkenfeuer on 5 March 2017

Casting out winter together on the Wilhelmshöhe

elobau - Easter 2017 employee charity drive

Traditional Easter charity drive at elobau with active participation of refugees for the first time

International picnic on 5 July 2017

Held under the motto "Come-Taste-Discover", many participants contributed to the large international buffet.

Themed days "Escape" at the Otl-Aicher secondary school

At the end of the school year, the Otl-Aicher secondary school organised and implemented the first themed days "Escape". The objective was to get in touch with others and talk about the social aspects of "Escape”.

Project Werkbank

Skill evaluation of handicraft in various industries for refugees through the production of commercially viable products.

International Picnic Summer 2018

The picnic took place at the Stadtweiher Leutkirch in 2018

Conversation meetings

How do you internalize what is learned in official German language courses? An initiative by Kacem Khechana, staff member of elobau, may have an answer.

Clip Contest Leutkirch 2017

Clip Contest 2017: typical German - typical Leutkirch - typical homeland Perspectives in 100 seconds, portrayed on film

Funkenfeuer on 5 March 2017

Casting out winter together on the Wilhelmshöhe