Mobile Painting Room

In the Mobile Painting Room, both children and adults are invited to give art a try under the expert guidance of art teachers. With Friedrichshafen, Uhldingen-Mühlhofen and Sigmaringen, there are currently four locations where the Mobile Painting Room stops in refugee shelters once a week.

The participants are given an opportunity to paint with colour and express themselves in a cheerful, stimulating and calm atmosphere. Each person paints from the heart and is encouraged to explore their full creativity. There is no criticism, interference or expectations. Assistants are available to provide the painting utensils to the children and adults.

The Mobile Painting Room was developed by the Pfullendorf Art School in order to work in refugee quarters, and it can usually accommodate up to 25 people simultaneously.

Working directly in the refugees’ quarters turned out to be a good idea, as this makes it easier for children to participate in large numbers. Once a week for two hours at a time, the children immerse themselves in painting and get in touch with their inner creativity. An increasing number of young people and adults are also participating – a tangible and effective improvement for living together in the refugee quarters.

The elobau foundation is supporting the project in 2018.