Motivation/development/tolerance - Student lectures

“Motivation” is the key word that denotes Felix Brunner’s school lectures. His personal story, which is marked by a life-changing stroke of fate, is touching, fascinating and above all inspiring. After a serious mountaineering accident in 2009, Felix is now bound to a wheelchair after 60 operations and about 13 months in hospital.

How can a person return to a happy and contented life after such a stroke of fate? This is part of the message by Felix Brunner in his lectures. The motivational aspect includes another powerful facet: With utmost conviction, Felix states that he is happier how than ever before.

This is hard to image for people who have never before dealt with disability. But Felix Brunner vividly and authentically elaborates precisely on this, driven by a powerful force that leaves a lasting impression on his audience. Courage to live and motivation, but also social involvement – these are the main qualities that Felix Brunner insists on – with perpetual effect.

The elobau foundation enables schools to experience the lectures of Felix Brunner. (on request)