Plant-for-the-Planet Academy

At the “Plant-for-the-Planet Academy”, children  learn all about CO2, the greenhouse effect, global warming  and the impact  these issues have on our planet, among other things. What makes these academies unique is that the students are made aware of and motivated on the issues by adolescents, after which they further disseminate what they have learned in their own social circles. In addition to that, the students are given an opportunity to plan their own small projects to become actively involved themselves. During this one-day academy course, the participants ages 9-12 are introduced to the climate crisis issue in a playful way through small group projects, and they get to participate in a planting campaign, among other things. The objective of the academy is to make children aware of the climate crisis and show them that even young people can very easily do something about it. The Plant-for-the-Planet Academies have been recognized as an official decade measure of the UN Decade “Education for Sustainable Development” (www.bne-portal.de) – an educational concept that conveys sustainable thinking and action to children and adults.