Project enriched grassland

The aim of the project is to demonstrate in the Allgäu grassland how the diversity of species can be restored in intensively used grassland without the farmer having to completely dispense with the economic use of the growth. In the process, intensively used, species-poor multi-cut grassland is to be converted back to traditional hay meadow use. In order to re-establish the lost species of the flowering hay meadows, it is necessary to carry out upgrading measures on the species-poor areas and to document the success of the measures by means of monitoring. In concrete terms, four different methods of grassland enhancement will be tested and compared with each other. The success of hay meadow establishment as a habitat for insects visiting flowers will be assessed by the occurrence of the mobile insect group butterfly. The results of the project will be published and disseminated among farmers in the Allgäu (and the wider foothills of the Alps).