Project Werkbank

Many refugees who live in Leutkirch and the surrounding area, both those who may or may not be allowed to stay, ask social workers for help finding work. While curricula vitae may be created quickly (also thanks to “JobKraftwerk”), they generally provide no meaningful information about the actual skills of the refugees. When talking to social workers, refugees would often state that they are able to perform just about any work, and that they can do it “ALL”, just so they can increase their odds of finding work. The fact that this approach is not compatible with the real world subsequently becomes evident during internships and trial work. This is when companies find out that the refugees may not possess the necessary knowledge, skill sets or competences. In addition to that, company-specific requirements such as safety instructions at the workplace are not understood (particularly due to a  lack of German). It thus can be said that potential employers  don’t really know what skills refugees  possess, and on the other hand, refugees  often don’t understand what is  asked of them. Short description of the project: The “Werkbank” project  was initiated  by the  refugee support group  of the  city of Leutkirch in  cooperation with the elobau foundation and the Otl-Aicher secondary school Leutkirch. As part of the project, the basic skills of the  refugees in various areas  of craftsmanship are  evaluated with the help of volunteers. The main focus is on  metal, wood and electrical work. The handicraft  skills of the refugees are evaluated in groups of up to 10 people on  various dates during afternoons in the workshops  of the Otl-Aicher secondary school. This is accomplished by having them produce actual workpieces. A total evaluation period  of three weeks with nine course hours each is planned per group. The production of these workpieces includes  basic machining processes such as drilling, sawing, filing, deburring, thread cutting,  handling a cordless screwdriver with corresponding bit inserts,  measuring, assembling, etc. These workpieces will then be sold at various festivities  such as the ALSO Festival in Leutkirch, etc. Film  by Schwäbisch Media (27 June 2017): Project “Werkbank”Article in the Schwäbische Zeitung (30 June 2017): Project facilitates work for refugees