We use our soils as if they were inexhaustible. But our planet needs 2,000 years to build ten centimetres of fertile earth! What does this mean for us? What does that mean for the future? How must society, agriculture, change so that our children can be given a living world with living soils?

“Our Heritage” is a documentary film that has set itself the goal of sensitizing to sustainable agriculture. Facts are collected which show that a rethinking in many areas is necessary in order to preserve Planet Earth.

Among others, the scientist Ernst-Ulrich von Weizs√§cker and the entrepreneur, author and politician Sarah Wiener will have their say. She describes the soil as our “last paradise”.

“A year ago I stood on a field and helped with the harvest. For the first time I understood and felt that the soil on which I stand feeds my family and me. I had lost consciousness of the fact that this planet with its soil is unique and worthy of protection”, director Marc Uhlig describes his motivation to address this topic.

The film will be shown in selected cinemas and at special events from spring 2020. It is also part of the renowned “Snow Dance Indipendant Film Festival” 2020 in Landsberg am Lech.