Themed days "Escape" at the Otl-Aicher secondary school

On July 19 and 20, 2017, the themed days “Escape” took place at the Otl-Aicher secondary school. The objective was to delve into the facts, work through prejudices and get to know the stories of individual persons. The two days were all about meeting refugees and the people who work with refugees. Some of the questions addressed were: “Why do people have to flee their homeland?”, “What is home?”, “Where can they go?”, “How are the refugees doing in Germany?”, “Should I be afraid of refugees?”

The classes worked as units through various program points together with their teachers: an exhibition was offered in the auditorium, Syrian cooking was provided, refugees visited our school and recounted their escape, a play and an art project were offered, the German Armed Forces explained the reasons why people escape, students learned through play what it feels like to escape, drums were played, and and and …

The goal of the two-day event was to enable the students to gather extensive first-hand information and form their own opinion about the following issues: reasons why people flee, life on the run, arrival in a safe country, asylum, integration.
Text: Sebastian Dalferth

The elobau foundation provided financial support for the theatre project “Enisas Tagebuch”.