Plant-for-the-Planet Academy Leutkirch on 1 April 2017

On the morning of 1 April, 2017, more than 50 students gathered in the Cubus near the school centre with eyes wide open and full of curiosity. The occasion was the first Leutkirch “Plant-for-the-Planet Academy”, which trains young people as climate ambassadors.

The academies demonstrate the consequences of climate change for man and nature in a playful, vivid and age-appropriate way. How much CO2 is caused by a flight from London to New York and how much by train from Paris to Cologne? Why is there a lot of greenhouse gas emissions in the northern hemisphere and how is that fair? What is the maximum per capita emissions that can be expected to limit global warming to a 2-degree target? The children were quick to come up with answers to these questions.

One of the highlights of the academy was the planting campaign, which took place under the expert guidance of district forester Karl-Josef Martin and his colleague, Mr Settele. With a lot of sweat and effort, the children planted about 300 oak, alder and sycamore trees in the Leutkirch municipal forest.

For the conclusion of the academy, the children proudly conveyed to their parents what they had learned on that day – which was more than in many a school week, as one of the participants quipped.

The academy was organized by the elobau foundation in cooperation with the city of Leutkirch. The great interest shown by the students in the first academy in Leutkirch is indicative of young peoples’ awareness of environmental issues and points to the fact that they are actively contemplating sustainability and morality issues. In this respect, platforms like these are necessary and exactly in the spirit of the elobau foundation

Photos: Bernhard Herz