RE Move Art Camp 2018

The ART Camp 2018 made its first stop in Leutkirch in September. The Sauterleute Art School, which has been located in the heart of the city since spring, had the honour of hosting the one-week event.

What the organizers around Eva and Lion Sauterleute made of it was extremely impressive: 46 participants from all over the country worked intensively in different workshops during the camp week. Comics, nudes, etchings and performances were the focal points and the result was exciting works that amazed the visitors of the vernissage on the final day in the town hall. The mere presentation of the exhibition itself was an outstanding creative achievement, as the walls of the listed building were taboo.

All camp participants, contributors, organizers, sponsors and partners agree: the value of artistic work cannot be valued highly enough for the personal development of young people. Art itself as a reflection surface of society needs a firm place in it and creative art-creating people deserve recognition and support.

Impressions from the vernissage on 7 September 2018