Scientific project "Grünlandaufwertung"

The aim of the project is to demonstrate – at the example of the Allgau grassland – how biodiversity can be restored in heavily used grassland, without the farmers having to completely forego economical use of the land. The objective is to return intensively used, species-depleted multi-crop grassland back to traditional hay meadow. In order to re-establish the lost species of flowering hay meadows, the depleted areas require upgrading measures which must must be monitored for efficacy. As part of this effort, four different grassland upgrading methods are employed and compared with each other. Whether a hay meadow that serves as a habitat for insects that pollinate flowers was successfully established is assessed through the monitoring of butterflies, which is a mobile group of insects. The results of the project are expected to be published and disseminated among farmers in the Allgau region (and the wider foothills of the Alps).