The school year 2017/2018

Project title: “One Colour doesn’t make a Rainbow”

after “One Swallow doesn’t make a Summer” /Aristoteles: “The whole is more than the sum of its parts”.

Participants: 47 pupils of the art school, including handicapped young people and young adult refugees, 25 pupils of the GMS (grades 1-10, including UKL pupils)

“One Colour Doesn’t Make a Rainbow”: Polychromy is heterogeneity, the rainbow symbolizes the bridge of peace across cultures: the project promotes tolerance and understanding of new socio-cultural influences, we not only integrate “strangers”, but experience it as an opportunity and enrichment.
With numerous individual projects and regional and national exhibitions, “One Colour” was the thematic focus of the art school year. The main topic will be continued.

More information: http://kunstschule-sauterleute.de/